The team

Our team is a patchwork of odd personalities and rich knowledge. Sharing our visions and differences gives us strenght. Each team member is a specialist in its own field. Synergy provides an explosive mix.

What makes us special, no bullshit, we do love each other! We have been knowing this team for quite a long time. That is how we created this agency. Happy encounters personal and professional along the way. Let's meet the kiss my team…

marius's Avatar
< Marius / >
Backend Developer
Laravel / Java / Rust
Machine Tinkerer
michel's Avatar
< Michel / >
Frontend Expert
DevOps & Cloud Eng.
Vue / React / Laravel / Drupal
pierre's Avatar
< Pierre / >
Frontend Development
Vue / Nuxt / Node
Tailwind Wizard
anneso's Avatar
< Anne-So / >
Projet manager
SEO & Content

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If you want to join the team, send us your resume, will get back at you within 15 days at most!

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