The agency 💞


< kissmy / > we are a "small-but-strong" web agency! 🍬

Providing high-tech expertise, our team takes it very seriously spicing it up with a slight dose of humour (not) always with the perfect timing.

If the team is mainly settled in Nantes, our shape-shifting abilities are available any where, France or abroad. We are experts in web and adapt our tools and solutions to you very own issues: web development, search engine optimization, UX UI design, training…

The team 😇


  • < Seïfane / >
    Dev FullStack
    Node / Drupal / VueJS
    Chief prototyper
    « When I am asked to work on something, no one is petting me. 😎 »

    Seïfane is an experienced developer even though he is a student (not for long). He is efficient and quite independant. As relentless as he can be grumpy, he has the ability to bring its happyness and "flowery" langage in the team! To be honest, we often forget he is a student, clients do to by the way.

  • < Anne-So / >
    Projet manager
    SEO & Content
    « We all chose each other, this is quite a gift. 🎁 »

    Idealist -we can even say naive-, Anne-Sophie is a team dedicated Project manager, like an elephant mum 🐘. Her enthusiasm is communicative. If you wander where do all this loudness comes from, don't, the sound system it's her! Perfectionist? For sure, but never at the cost of clients or team mates.

  • < Isa / >
    Artistic Director
    UX / UI
    Motion Design
    « At kiss my, dev are not design haters: then even ask me about web design issues! 😱 »

    Web designer UX / UI, Isabelle could brag about her Print expertise, but that's not like her, so we do it anyway 🙊. After years as Artistic director, she decided to take a step further into web. Back to school she graduated in a year and is now our Web designer. She is not afraid of change and is quite an adventurer. Let's see what she can do for your projects.

  • < Michel / >
    El Prez
    Front Expert
    Vue / React / Drupal
    « If it looks doable, even quite not, then I do it! 🐎 »

    And that's what we love about that guy. Passionate, front addicted, enthusiast and craving for new challenges, Michel is dedicated to its task. His passion is infectious and is a driving force to the team. If you can't reach him, that's quite normal, he might has fallen asleep on his keyword after a 15 hours coding rush. Try later!