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Rue des Carmélites 44000 Nantes FRANCE

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Nicolas Sartorius picture, CEO AbracadaRoom

A high sens of responsibilities, devotion, trustworthiness, high availabitly are qualities we have been looking for at UNIC STAY.
Theses values are totally part of kiss my's DNA.

You do not bail on your client as soon as it gets hard, you look for solutions and you go straight to it, even when it's tough. It is precisely what we were looking for to guide our collaboration.
When we start a new project together, I trust them fully and feel free to discuss things even when we disagree.

They have all the expertise I need and do know they job quite well. None of them told me "no, it's impossible", there is always a solution. When we are wrong, they know how to suggest, advice and find alternatives.

They always keep an open mind. We feel like we are building something together, as if we were the same team.
kiss my is almost part of UNIC STAY.

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