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What if expertise was not the right word, let's say core business. And by core we mean: at the center of the agency, like our heart is to each team member. Everything we do, we do it with our heart, with passion and conviction. All our expertises are web related and chose in order to create a self-sufficient team.


Back End


Cloud & DevOps


Artistic direction


UX UI Design


Front End


eMotion DesignER


Project lead



Anne-Sophie is your project manager. She helps you through the bill of specifications, before Isabelle starts with UX/UI conception. She can create or rebuild your entire brand and website : logo, identity through print and web so everything makes sense.

Let's talk about development... It is not a team we are talking about but an army, trained and united. Michel, SeĂŻfane, Pierre et Marius are the ones. They bring life to Isabelle's designs and to your crazy ideas. But they also bring their expertise during the conception phase and help writing the bill of specifications.

All our expertises are specific and interdependent, we could even say permeable! You like the rain as we do in Nantes? Then pack your raincoat and join!


CIR and CII certification

We may be lunatics, at some point, but we can be quite serious as well and take the responsibility of you CII and CIR project.

With the certification the government granted us with, you will be assured of our qualifications, as well as you will be sure to benefit from taxe credits on your digital projects and investments. This certification is granted for 3 years, meaning we can even start a long term relation! It is the best way to accompany you with all of our skills and advice: from conception to launching, through UX UI design.

All the expertises mentioned above are affected by tax credit if you do benefit from CIR or CII. Let's talk about your project!


kiss my speaking!

Any question, any webdesign need, a crazy website or back office wish or a simple SEO idea? Well here it starts... Contact us with this contact form and we will provide you an answer within 48 hours at worst!

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