The agency

< kissmy / > is a « small but mighty » web agency 🍬 !

We do provide high-tech skills. The team diligently cares about its clients issues, but resolves those in a quite chill context.

Settled in Nantes, the multi tasking team is here and there in France. We are experts in digital and can face most of the technical challenges you might encounter: development, SEO, UX UI design, training…

Our moto: expertise ! The value we add is that we do master languages et techniques not that common [Kubernetes : Vue.Js] but with high potential, all of this wrapped into a nice performance oriented paper [Design System : Planification : Agilité].

As a result : happy faces in and out of the agency (well most of the time, we are not Care Bears…) and a strong will to get better !

kissmyers in 2023

Tailor-made conception
100 % ethical
kiss my
Our premises are in the heart of the Île de Nantes,  in the city center of Nantes, right in the middle of the boulevard Guist'hau and always visiting our previous HQ at La Cantine, so we can be close to events and people who are driving the digital engine to its best ends.
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< unless it's not the right season of the year, we love eating but are trying not to ruin the planet >

Our values

💚 Ethic first

And before cash! Even if we cannot say we have the most thoughtful impact on the planet, we really try to do better. So we care and think about how we do things. Hence, rigorous guidelines on choosing our clients and partners: we do not work with people we do not have values in common. This also is a strong recruitment statement. Birds of a feather flock together, don't they? We are lucky to work with people we really value for who they are and what they do.

❤️ Loads of love

There is energy in what we do, passion in the guidance of the agency and loads of kindness in our relationships. This can happen thanks to all the love we pour in each of those things. We love our work, our clients, our assignments and our team mates. So yes, this is no Wonderland, but you know what? We are very close! And instead of turning us into lazy and cheesy people, it drives us into making things more efficiently…

💛 Dare to change

What we do is websites: which now is quite clear. But what is less clear, is what are we gonna do next? Because our domain of expertise is one of those changing a lot. And if we lack curiosity and never question ourselves, well, we might end up dead. Not literally but you get it. Have you ever heard that phrase: curiosity killed the cat? Well next time, tell them you are more of a mice person yourself! At kiss my we value curiosity, we try, we fail and learn a lot from it!

💙 Let's be honest

Wages are no taboo, money in bank neither. You think it is brutal? Well we think it is honest. And important to do so. This apply to our clients either: late delivery, technical issues, full communication between team and clients, estimation, invoicing. We forbid ourselves to twist and turn to hide so-called confidential informations. At the end of the day, it makes everyone feels better, in a place where things are certainly not perfect, but crystal clear. And being honest does not release us from being tactful and kind to one another.

💜 Take pleasure

What we value is equilibrium between pleasure and constraints! We know that sometimes we have to perform missions we are not fond of, but what is important is that unpleasant missions are not taking the largest part of our time. We aim to use 20 % of each team member working hours to be R&D oriented, dedicated to talks or training. In the meantime we are focusing on working with techs we like, for and with people we care about!